#brandMuffins 1/3/14 – Self-Promotion Workshop




This was the first meeting of 2014, and we kicked it off with panache.

Not everyone was able to attend due to life getting in the way and vacation schedules around the holidays, but we had enough of a core group to carry on.

Last meeting, we discovered that almost everyone in the group was less-than-comfortable with self-promotion.

So, for this meeting, we ran a self-promotion exercise. The concept is based on the idea that we’re all more than happy to promote someone else, their skills, their passions, and thier pet projects, as it doesn’t make us sound like pompous asses. The trick is to learn to do the same for yourself with the same net effect.

Exercise Description

  • A member describes a project and the key points of it
  • Each participant around the table takes a turn speaking as the person with the project, showing various approaches to self-promotion.
  • Finally, the person with the project takes all of the others’ pieces and puts them together into a more confident description that is self-promotional without feeling forced or fake.
  • Begin the same process with the next person.


As homework, everyone is expected to practice their new spiel (or something similar) in the wild, embracing the uncomfortable feelings and moving forward with confidence, either feigned or real.

Everyone was able to work through the exercise, and there has been a lot of feedback from each of the participants. We’ll likely run this exercise again, later down the road.


Effectively, we practiced a sort of elevator speech in this exercise. Do you have a personal elevator speech? Have you tried it out? Reach out in the comments with the basic version, or shoot me an email and let me know the whole thing. I’d love to get to know you.

About Brian Dooley

"I like funny things. And geeky things. And I like when they are the same things."

In addition to being the Principal at Zen Ironman Branding, Brian is the Content Team Lead at goBRANDgo!, overseeing the editing and copywriting, brand development and strategy, and social strategy offerings. He is also heavily involved with strategic development and several extra-organizational initiatives.

Brian is currently hard at work on a new book about personal branding.

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  • David DeWitt

    Brian, my virus software is going crazy with warnings about malware coming to this site, and even navigating pages. You may want to check that out. Otherwise, am glad I found you via your YouTube video.

    Abstract Artist, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

    • Brian Dooley

      Thanks for the heads up, David…

      I’m unable to replicate that issue on my side. Do you mind emailing me with info on your browser and the errors?

      Thanks so much for visiting, and I’m happy that you found value in the video. =)