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Interested in Becoming a Demonstrator?

If you are a fun-loving “people person” who enjoys learning about new products and encouraging sales, this is the job for you! Enjoy a flexible schedule and the opportunity to take part in community events as well as in-store events at various locations in your area.


Do You Have Events to Staff?

Event Marketing Group has been staffing in-store and special events for over 30 years. Today’s consumers are bombarded with so many ads—both in print and on television and radio—make your product or service stand out by taking your product directly to the people! We have a variety of services at your disposal. See what we can do for you!

Event Marketing Group is a great company to work with. They have always met my needs—sometimes at the spur of the moment! I love working with the organization. They are a great bunch of people.


PepsiAmericas, Inc.

I have used the folks at Event Marketing group for several events this year, and have always had a very good response from my customers about their event staff. they are friendly and professional. I always call on them when I need assistance with an event!


Major Manufacturuer

Having spent 30 years staffing and conducting demonstrations & consumer intercepts in retail stores, I have worked with many staffing agencies throughout the USA. Product Promotions, Inc. stands out as one of the most efficient, quality-driven companies representing and promoting major brands in retail stores of all types. Product Promotions focuses on quality performance which starts by selecting outgoing people to engage the customers, making sure the Reps understand the product benefits, and know how to close a sale.

Kit Moss

Executive Vice President, IOSUE Associates, Inc.

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